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A bit about therapy:

Coming to therapy can feel intimidating or nerve-wracking. Many people wonder: will it feel safe, will I be judged? I offer a warm, empathic space for you to let go of negative self-beliefs and behaviour patterns, heal old childhood wounds, and come more fully into presence.

My main focus is on helping clients develop self-awareness, become curious about who they are and embrace their soulful essence.  I use a variety of creative methods to get people thinking and feeling more authentically about themselves.

My approach is both Integrative and Transpersonal, which means I incorporate a range of different therapeutic modalities with a spiritually minded overview. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to be religious to work with me, just that I have my own spiritual practice and tend to believe that health and healing is a psycho-spiritual process.

My qualifications:

Completed 4-year training in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma at Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Education (CCPE, London).

Completed 1-year Transpersonal Couples Counselling training (CCPE, London).

Distinction in Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychotherapeutic Arts (IATE, London).


I might use cognitive approaches to talk through, and think about, working with negative core beliefs, toxic shame and/or unresolved trauma that may be causing depression, anxiety or dysfunctional behaviour patterns. This may include helping you to intellectually understand certain psychotherapeutic concepts and common issues, so that you realise you’re not alone and there is plenty we can do!

I might teach you meditation or tapping exercises to help you regulate your nervous system.

I might suggest creative interventions such as visualisations, working with your dreams and using art materials.

I will not sit back like a wallflower! Successful therapy is a fundamentally relational process where you learn to take risks and be authentic without fear of judgement. How can you be real with me if I’m not real with you? We won’t be discussing my life – this space is yours and about you – but I will bring my real self to our sessions and challenge you where I feel it’s helpful.

I will ask you to attend an initial assessment session before we commit to a minimum of six sessions working together, followed by an informal review. If I don’t feel I can help you, perhaps because what you’re bringing is outside the realms of my expertise or I don’t feel we are a good fit, I’ll happily refer you to someone more suitable.